The 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia

The International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia (ICePTi) 2017 is organized by Kawasan Sains dan Teknology (KST) Universitas Padjajaran, Nano Technology and Graphene Research Center (PRINT-G), Material Science & Engineering (MSE) Study Center Universitas Padjajaran, Indonesian Powder Association, and managed by JP Global Transtech.

This IcePTi 2017 is aimed to explore ideas, research progress, technology development and collaboration among researcher in powder technology and its applications. The Conference covers a wide range of powder technology processing, powder science and its application.

In conjuction with this event will be held "The 4th Japan Powder Technology Forum Indonesia" that was initially developed by Kanto Section of the Society Powder Technology Japan. The objectives of this forum is to introduce the field of powder technology and technologies developed by Japanese companies/societies.

While IcePTi 2017 exhibition will provide opportunities to present new products and technologies, mantain close relationship with customers, obtain new markets and customers, communicate with industry, government and academia, and exchange information with supporters and collaborators.

The Exhibition's scope are various from Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Agrochemical, Minerals, Powder Coating, Food and Confectionary, Cosmetics, Ceramic, Toner, Soap and Detergent.

Being there during the exhibition are aimed to create business opportunities with a leading companies, gain the knowledge from inventor and business leader, and up date with current technology and knowledge.

To register and participate on this event, please dowload this form.  Registering for Conference, please send your email to

Exhibition and Sposorship, registration form can be downloaded here.



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