AGLP Scholarship 2018/2019

SRW&Co. signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the ASEAN Business Advisory Council to continue a strategic partnership forged since 2016. The MOA was signed by Mr. Anangga W Roosdiono, representing ABAC and Mr. Daniel Wong, Chairman & Partner SRW&Co. The MOA signing was witnessed by Dr. Aladdin Rillo, Deputy Secretary General- AEC from the ASEAN Secretariat. Among the terms of the MOA, SRW&Co. agreed to grant scholarships to the selected 2018 ASEAN Business Awards winners to attend the ASEAN Global Leadership Program (AGLP) in a global business school in either the UK or USA in 2019.

The AGLP Scholarship was launched by SRW&Co. as a CSR initiative to support the mission of executive education in the South East Asia region. The scholarship is open to the 2018 ASEAN Business Awards winners  who  will  be  eligible  to  apply.  The  shortlisted  applicants  will  be  subject  to  an  interview assessment process administered by SRW&Co. The selected AGLP Scholars will be invited to attend the AGLP in a global business school.

The first batch of the 3 AGLP Scholars attended the AGLP in the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business in 2017. This was followed by the 2nd batch of AGLP Scholars who attended the AGLP in NYU Stern School of Business in April this year.  All the AGLP Scholars had found the program very useful and timely for their personal development as well as giving them new knowledge and tools to grow their business besides  business  networking  with  their  peers  in  the  ASEAN  region.  More  details  about  the  AGLP Scholarship and the Scholars sharing their experiences and insights are contained in  AGLP Scholars in UC Berkeley Haas School of Business video and AGLP Scholars in NYU Stern School of Business video.

The AGLP Scholarship is lauded as a good initiative for the ABA winners as confirmed by the AGLP Scholars from their feedback and testimonial. It is also a firm endorsement of the AGLP by the ASEAN business community as a signature leadership development program for the ASEAN leaders.

The AGLP Scholarship is now open for application from the 2018 ABA winners. For more details about the AGLP Scholarship and application procedure, please contact

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