Congratulatory Remarks Mr. Sofjan Wanandi Chairman of Employers Association of Indonesia (APINDO), Korean Embassy-APINDO-ILO Joint CSR Forum, Jakarta 4 July 2012

Your Excellency Mr. Gita Wirjawan, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia

Your Excellency Mr. Choe Cheol-kyu, Deputy Director General Regional Trade Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea

Your Excellency, Mr. Kim Young-sun, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia

Honourable Mr. C.K. Song, President of the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (KoCham)

Honourable Mr. Peter Van Rooij, ILO Country Director

My fellow Board Members, and fellow Indonesian and Korean Businessmen

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Morning,

First of all I would like to congratulate H.E. Mr. Kim Young-sun and his staff at the Korean Embassy in Jakarta for the execellent arrangements in organizing today's Joint CSR Forum between the Korean Embassy-APINDO and ILO.
It is with great pleasure for APINDO to support this event, including the signing of the MoU between the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (KoCham) and APINDO on setting foundation for cooperation in CSR Activities in Indonesia between Indonesian and Korean companies.
Here I would like to thank our Minister of Trade Pak Gita Wirjawan and H.E Mr. Kim Young-sun, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia for your support and presence with us this morning.
Under this MoU APINDO as well as KoCham expressed the strong interest to enhance the cooperation between the private sector of both countries, especially in CSR to promote sustainable development in Indonesia.
As you are all aware there are still challenges of CSR implementation in Indonesia. Most of the times, the business industry faced limited capacity of the smaller member companies, lack of awareness of business benefits of CSR programs, as well as lack of government recognition and incentives.
In this case, the private sector can take initiative to work with the government in raising the industry standards of CSR. This includes providing a clear definition of CSR and specific guidelines for CSR activities in Indonesia, which only broadly stated in the law No40/2007.
While the majority of Big Corporations being member companies of APINDO have a broader understanding and are already practicing principles of Good Corporate Governance and CSR , APINDO sees the awareness efforts should also be addressed to parties dealing with cooperations such SME's, representing 99% of Indonesian companies and which are important as supporting industries for domestic and international companies.
These are the stakeholders who have to be prepared to become soon part of the global supply chain and who we must work with to respect the benefits of GSG and CSR and who we need to ensure to begin now to work on having higher levels of governance.
Therefore, the development of entrepreneurship and the reinforcement of SMEs have been APINDO concerns in recent years. APINDO has conducted a series of program, in cooperation with our international partners like (ILO, NHO, DECP, USAID and many others), like such as empowerment and development programs of Women Entrepreneurs and SMEs, reinforcement of gender mainstreaming, empowerment of younger generation (youth employment), child labor programs, disability management cooperation programs, HIV AIDS and other related programs.
Here APINDO urge our counterpart from KoCham to explore various cooperation opportunities with regard to CSR as one of many efforts to create a favourite business climate in Indonesia.
Last but not least I hope todays CSR Forum could bring fruitful results and share valuabel experiences of best practices in CSR for both sides for the benefit our two countries.

Thank you


Jul 04 2012 |